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About Dr. Nalaka Godahewa

About Dr. Nalaka Godahewa

Dr. Nalaka Godahewa is an experienced business professional who has a vast knowledge about a wide range of industries. Over the years, he has been head hunted and assigned to undertake many down-falling businesses and government projects to reach their success.

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His incomparable qualities of understanding of the core problems, strategic decision making and excellent people management has sprout undeniable and visible developments in all the projects that he has managed over the years.

Being a graduate from the University of Moratuwa, he has other professional qualifications. Dr. Nalaka Godahewa is a CIMA graduate, has completed his MBA at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and he has obtained his PHD from a study program of University of South Australia as one of the most distinguished alumni of the university.

Having seen and experienced the struggles of the people since his young age, Dr. Nalaka Godahewa now expects to develop Gampaha into a prosperous district and to reach out the general public to provide a humane service by representing Gampaha in the parliament.

The Journey of Dr. Nalaka Godahewa

A road-trip through the most important achievements of Dr. Nalaka Godahewa.

Nalaka Godahewa - Colombo Stock Exchange

2012 - Colombo Stock Exchange

Chairman of the Commission from 2012-15.

During his tenure, ASPI grew by 255%. Market capitalization increased by 535%.

Nalaka Godahewa - Sri Lanka Tourism

2010 - Sri Lanka Tourism

Chairman from 2010-12.

Tourist arrivals increased from 447,890 to 1,005,600 during his tenure as Chairman.

Nalaka Godahewa - Lanka Hospitals

2009 - Lanka Hospitals

I truly enjoyed the outcome.

Lanka Hospital became a real success story since the board changed in 2009.

Nalaka Godahewa - Managing Director, Sri Lanka Insurance

2006 - Sri Lanka Insurance

Managing Director of SLIC.

SLIC made Rs 15 Bn profits including the unrealized capital gains from investments that year.

Nalaka Godahewa - Lanka Hospitals

2004 - PHD

He completed a PHD study program of University of South Australia

In 2004 university of South Australia published a profile of his on the university website amongst most distinguished alumni of the university.

Nalaka Godahewa - MAS Group

1999 - MAS holdings

CEO of overseas operations of Shadowline cluster of MAS holdings

Within 3 years since he joined, the 3rd plant Contour line in Kandy was being built. Several outsourced plants were under operation as well. After 2 more years, they had reached over US Dollar 100 million in turnover and the cluster had become quite profitable.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

1996 - Chartered Institute of Marketing

CIM graduate.

He scored the highest aggregate marks for CIM finals that year.

Nalaka Godahewa - Master of Business Administration

1994 - Master of Business Administration

Started reading for his MBA at University of Sri Jayewardenepura in 1993.

So, by 1994 he was already qualified in two professions namely engineering and accountancy with an MBA.

Unilever Ceylon

1992 - Unilever Ceylon

His career life begins at Unilever Ceylon Ltd.

Within the 4 ½ years he served at Unilever he worked in the HRD, IT, Finance, Marketing and sales departments.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountant of UK

1989 - Chartered Institute of Management Accountant of UK

A CIMA graduate at the age of 25.

It took him only two years to qualify as an accountant as he passed all the exams at the first attempt.

University of Moratuwa

1987 - University of Moratuwa

During his university life, he had taken one of the biggest risks of his life openly challenging a terror group.

Campaigned against the JVP dominated student union in 1988, challenged them for an election and defeated them by popular vote.

Captain of the university swimming team.

Under his leadership the university of Moratuwa won the inter-university men’s swimming championship for the first time in the history.

Ananda College

1981 - Ananda College

I1981 - President of the Oratory Club of Ananda College.

The beginning of his journey from ‘nobody’ to ‘somebody’ at Ananda College.

1982 - Vice-captain of the school debating team.

The best of the inter school debating Championship.

1982 - A born director and a script writer.

The principal of Ananda College at that time was not convinced that a script with such political insight was written by a grade 11 student.